Pres. Duterte 72nd Birthday Wish. Happy Birthday Tatay Digong


President Rodrigo Duterte will spend his 72nd birthday on Tuesday without fanfare, his spokesman said Monday.

In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella said that traditionally, Duterte marks his birthday quietly without fanfare.

“He spends some quality time with family and close friends. While certain offices may hold parallel celebration, the President usually veers away public attention on his private and personal affairs,” he said.

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Duterte earlier said it has been a tradition in his family to keep things simple in such occasions.
“Kasi nagtitipid yung pamilya, everyone of us, but most of us my siblings ko, we follow the same rule. We just sleep it off the day. I would be very glad to spend the day with my grandson, Stone (Stonefish), and the rest of my children and grandchildren. That would have been the greatest gift,” he said during a press conference at Ninoy Aquino International Airport last Thursday.

He also said that his birthday wish is to have the time and strength to surmount the problems of the country.

“Nakuha ko na lahat. I’ve reached the apex of my career. Material things which I cannot be of use to me. I am 72 years old,” said Duterte, whose birthday is on March 28.

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