No need to worry said Duterte to BPO companies.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte reiterates that he will get rid of corruption in government in his keynote address during the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected officers of the People’s National Movement for Federalism (PENAMFED) at the Reception Hall of Malacañan Palace on December 12, 2016. Photo by King Rodriguez/PPD

President Rodrigo Duterte assured the business process outsourcing industry that they have nothing to fear from his administration.

“Forget your fears. This is a democracy we follow the free enterprise,” said Duterte when asked by an American BPO company executive if companies like his should worry about changes in the government’s policy towards their industry.

The executive asked: “One of the biggest concerns our clients have right now is, is something going to change? Is the administration going to change the policies, the investment incentive structure, will there be some sort of a change in the ability to continue to develop the industry that may spook or create concern from some of our investors?”

Duterte was taking questions during a Peter Wallace Business Forum event on Monday, December 12, at the Palace.

“There will be changes, changes for the better, not to kill businesses. You can stop worrying,” added the President.

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