De Lima won’t appear at DOJ preliminary investigation


Senator Leila de Lima on Friday said she will not attend the preliminary investigation of the Department of Justice where she will have to receive the copy of the four criminal complaints against her on her alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

“I will just send a representative,” said De Lima, noting that she was not required by the DOJ to personally receive the complaints.

She also said she has not yet received the show cause order served by House leaders through the Office of Senate Secretary.

De Lima was at a forum on the death penalty at the University of the Philippines College of Law where she reiterated her position against the restoration of capital punishment in the country.

“Make no mistake, however, that the revival of the death penalty is nothing more than the veritable desperate last stand of a tired, old narcissist, who likely realizes with his temperament, skill set, and parochial approach to governance–which includes his own brand of patronage politics and kumpare system–are ill-suited, and frankly, incapable of finding real and lasting solutions to the problems of the country,” De Lima said.

“Thus, to hide his incompetence and failure, his go-to recourse is to impose final solutions upon the very people he was entrusted to serve and protect, hoping we are stupid and naive enough to mistake the body count for real accomplishments.”

Citing the Philippine National Police, De Lima said that as of December 1, there are 5845 persons killed in connection with the so-called war on drugs since July 1. Of that number, she said 2,004 are suspected drug personalities supposedly killed in police operations and 3841 victims of extrajudicial or vigilante-style killings as of November 30.

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Justice sub-committee on Judicial Reform has advanced a proposal to reimpose death penalty on heinous crimes.