De Lima, Trillanes using Matobato in case vs Duterte


The chair of the Senate committee that cleared President Rodrigo Duterte of liability in extrajudicial killings accused two senators of using witness Edgar Matobato against the chief executive.

Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the committee on justice and human rights, said Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV, two of the fiercest critics of the President, are using Matobato in their fight against Duterte.

Matobato on Friday, December 9, filed administrative and criminal charges against the President before the Ombudsman.

Referring to Matobato, Gordon told Rappler: “I don’t think he’s capable without any political help. I’m sure sila De Lima, Trillanes, but I don’t have proof, but they’re the ones who brought him to Congress.”

“Well according to himself he was not a grade school graduate, who would prepare his affidavit without anyone backing him up?” Gordon said.

It was De Lima who presented Matobato to the Senate, where he accused Duterte of ordering killings in Davao City when he was mayor. At present, Matobato is under Trillanes’ custody, after the Senate refused to grant him protection.

Asked if the two senators are using Matobato, Gordon said: “That’s obvious isn’t it? It’s obvious. Matobato came from nowhere, De Lima brought him to the Senate, she even presented him right away without affidavit.”